Colts kids start off with name tags

The Colts started training camp practices today without one key youngster -- first-round pick Anthony Castonzo.

Bill Polian said yesterday if the team isn’t fully guaranteeing a contract for a proven player like Joseph Addai, it can’t do so for Costanzo. He’s now officially a holdout as his representation sorts that out with the team.

Other Colts kids started out with name tags on as coaches try to quickly get to know players they’ve had no time with.

“You are always somewhat familiar because we have a lot of guys that have been with us for a long time, but it’s going to be an unusual practice for us, and typically we put the names on the front of helmets of rookies and guys that are new to our organization,” Jim Caldwell told the local media.

“We are going to do the same thing during preseason camp. Typically we don’t do it this time of year; it’s done in the spring. Everybody gets a feel for who those individuals are and we can associate names, numbers, faces, and all that kind of stuff so we will have to do a little bit of that this fall. Yes, we will have name tags for young kids.”

I hope they’re still wearing them when I get up there in a week.