My compromise idea for Titans, Johnson

The Titans want Chris Johnson to report before they start to talk about a new contract.

Johnson wants a new contract before he reports.


I don’t know what, if anything, is going on behind the scenes at this point. It’s hard to find a compromise from there, just to get to the point where a contract conversation would be held.

But here’s my suggestion, which comes out of what the Jaguars are doing with franchised tight end Marcedes Lewis right now.

Johnson should report to camp with the Titans agreeing that he will participate in meetings, do some walking through, but be an observer for practices.

By so doing, he’d be insured against potential injury but would be making a good-faith move by showing up as requested since he is under contract. He’d be a good teammate and employee.

And if negotiations wound up not being to his liking, he could always walk out the door and head back to his couch, right?