Texans find blocking fullback in Vickers

James Casey may still get turns working as the Texans' fullback. But they’ve got a truer alternative now in the wake of the departure of Vonta Leach to Baltimore. Houston’s secured Lawrence Vickers, previously of the Browns.

Vickers lives in Houston. John McClain reports he’ll get $3 million for two years with a $500,000 signing bonus. He told McClain he will be a versatile piece in the offense.

“I'm not just a lead blocker," he said. "I can run and I can catch. Vonta is Vonta. I'm not Vonta. I'm me. I bring a whole new dimension back there."

Here’s what Scouts Inc. says about Vickers:

Vickers has been utilized as a lead blocker on isolation and off-tackle power plays since entering the league 2006. He is a big, strong fullback with average speed and quickness. He does a good job to search light linebackers at the line of scrimmage. He isn't always explosive on contact but can lock on and stay connected with good hand use and foot agility. He rarely carries the ball and has limited run skills. He has reliable hands out of the backfield, but again, doesn't show much after the catch. Vickers is a solid performer as a lead blocker but is somewhat limited to contribute in other phases of the game.

Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. said earlier this week that the Texans need a hammer of a fullback for Arian Foster. Of the Vickers signing, he said: "Hammerish. Just not nearly as hammerish as Leach. Drop-off."

Still, a combination of Leach and Casey should serve the Texans well as they get over the loss of Leach.