Restructures sideline Texans' veterans

The Houston Texans have some wiggling to do in order to be in proper salary cap position once the CBA is ratified and the 2011 NFL year officially starts.

So three veterans were not part of their morning session.

“DeMeco [Ryans], Antonio [Smith] and actually Andre [Johnson] were all part of a restructuring situation from a contract standpoint, so they fall into the category with the other 10 or 12 guys right now [who couldn’t practice],” Gary Kubiak told Houston media. “They actually can’t do anything until this afternoon or tomorrow morning, depending on what happens, so that’s why they weren’t practicing. Andre wouldn’t have practiced anyway [because he’s recovering from a dislocated finger].”

Dale Robertson reports the team was $8.5 million over the cap before asking the veterans to restructure. Such a move actually gives a player more money sooner, but allows the team to spread out the cost for accounting purposes, lowering the cap cost now.

It’s usually oversold from the standpoint of players doing the team a favor as their numbers don’t change and they pocket additional money immediately.

Players with new contracts can't practice until the CBA is officially ratified, a move expected later Thursday. Apparently restructured deals fall into that category -- or the Texans are being especially cautious with unclear rules.