George is right, Titans can be too slow

Eddie George’s lambasting of the Titans for not having already dealt with Chris Johnson's contract has been big news, and rightly so.

Here’s one thing the team’s front office can take away from this: Slow, patient, and even plodding is the right approach sometimes. But not all the time.

From the time I started covering the franchise in its final year in Houston in 1996, it’s always been very deliberate.

Often times, that’s fine. The team that rushes out in free agency doesn’t usually win the Super Bowl. The team that puts a guy on the bench after one big mistake might stunt his development and confidence. The team that jumps out to complain about officiating in a game may suffer consequences at the hands of the commissioner.

But, in the instance of Chris Johnson, George is right on target.

The team should have hit Johnson with a contract offer it worked up during the lockout the moment it ended, and in so doing could have at least talked of an “immediate” good-faith effort.

Steve Underwood was long owner Bud Adams’ right-hand man and top confidante. Underwood is a methodical lawyer, who never jumped to action on team matters, and that tone trickled down through the organization.

Underwood recently retired.

As Adams and the Titans’ front office move forward post-Underwood, their in-house review of how things operate might allow for the possibility that there are occasions where moving quickly can be beneficial.