Foster says karma will handle finances

HOUSTON -- Arian Foster doesn’t believe I need to worry about his finances.

Coming off of a fantastic 1,616 yard rushing season that led the league, he was an exclusive rights free agent who signed his $525,000 tender and reported to camp on time.

“The media always tries to stir up a controversy because they are used to people holding out and used to people doing things like that,” Foster said. “I grew up where sometimes the lights weren’t on or sometimes we didn’t eat dinner at night. You know, my daughter lives well, my wife lives well and I live well.

“I believe in karma. You take care of the universe, the universe takes care of you. You can’t run around thinking negative all the time. You neither.”

I appreciate the advice, I told him.

So it’ll take care of itself?

“It might, it might not,” he said. “At the end of the day I am going to be a happy human being.”

Elsewhere in the division, the holdout for another top running back, Chris Johnson, has grown more and more contentious in Tennessee.

Considering how Foster views his own situation, what does he think of Johnson’s?

“I think Chris Johnson is a grown man and he needs to do whatever he thinks is best for him and his family,” Foster said.

Does he hope every one in the running back fraternity does as well as possible?

“I’m a humanitarian,” he said.

If the humanitarian has another solid year, he's going to be a wealthier humanitarian in a year.


While we talk Foster, a hamstring update.

When I offered that the prevailing opinion is hamstring strains correlate to offseason conditioning and time away from the team, he talked of keyboard geniuses and urged calm. (Actually I’ve heard it from trainers too.)

“Track athletes run year round and pull hamstrings,” he said. “They are going to happen to most athletes who do sprinting. And they focus on that and they try to do preventative exercises to prevent (pulled) hamstrings but hamstrings just happen.

“I’m in great shape. I’m hydrated, I stretch, I do yoga. It just happens.”

Don't expect him to play Monday night against the Jets.

Better now than later.