Kubiak on Williams, Reed and Tate

Three notable comments from Gary Kubiak on three Texans coming out of the team’s second preseason game, a win over New Orleans Saturday night.

Kubiak on Mario Williams: “If you go back and look at the game of course he doesn’t have two or three sacks so that makes it easy to say that he wasn’t very good but if you watch he was very disruptive in the pocket. They tried to keep a tight end on him a couple of times and he did a good job of just throwing him back in to (Drew) Brees’ hip, so to speak and pushing the pocket and he played better in space and just assignment-wise, everything, he’s doing better. Reggie (Herring) and Wade (Phillips) are trying to get him settled down on everything he’s doing. It was just a big step forward. I think he’s really taking to what they’re trying to teach him, it is something totally different but you see him get better each day.”

Kubiak on rookie outside linebacker Brooks Reed: “No doubt, probably the one player right now showing the most vast improvement from day-to-day, practice-to-practice and game-to-game. I’ve talked about how he’s changing position, but just watching that when you coach this guy the next day it’s fixed so it’s really impressive right now. He was very impressive in the football game and continues to not only be defensively but also very impressive for Joe (Marciano) I think he has the chance to be an excellent special teams player. He was a big bright spot on the defensive side of the ball last night and he played very well.”

Kubiak on second-year running back Ben Tate: “You got to be able to protect the quarterback and he got his chances and stepped up and knew what he was doing. He was physical at the point so I was very encouraged by his whole game; not just his running, obviously that was good but he did handle himself well in protection too.”

Thanks to the Texans public relations staff for sending out the transcript.