Irsay on Favre was a bad joke, right?

Fail to add a hashtag denoting a tweet as comedic -- #sarcasm or #kidding -- and the world takes you too seriously.

It’s a real pain for those who then have to try to attach the likely meaning to the statement.

So Colts owner Jim Irsay’s tweet that he was in Hattiesburg, Miss., courting Brett Favre needs our assistance.

I am firmly with Merril Hoge here. It was a joke.

(Even if the Colts wanted Favre, would he actually go to Indy to play in a couple games and then head for the bench? Would it be a deal for a handful of games with a promise of being cut once Manning returns?)

Irsay probably is laughing at the reaction to this. But I don’t find it particularly funny and his followup was hardly genius: “I can't clear anything up...everything is fluid and in flux...b ready 4 anything n everything then nothing is not foe BUT FRIEND!”

The owner is an oddball on Twitter, with rambling stream-of-consciousness and constant song lyrics. (I’ve said before, if I need song lyrics, I am familiar with how to Google them.)

Irsay's Saturday tweet that Peyton Manning may not be ready for the start of the season was a big deal. I wrote over the weekend that despite all hit Twitter craziness, Irsay has always been credible on team matters via social media.

Not anymore.