Irsay tweeted during coach's press session

According to Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, Jim Irsay’s tweet that the Colts had agreed to terms with Kerry Collins was sent while coach Jim Caldwell was talking to the press.

And Caldwell didn’t mention a thing about it.

Not long after, the Colts used Caldwell’s voice in their news release announcing the addition of Collins.

“It is a good opportunity to have Kerry become part of the team,” Caldwell said. “He is a veteran quarterback who has started many games and he brings dimension and depth to the quarterback position, which will be helpful. He is familiar with our division and will make a great addition to our roster.”

It sure seems to me like Irsay’s timing there made his coach look bad or uniformed or out of the loop. I don’t know why an owner would allow for, or add to, the perception that Caldwell ranks as weak in the organization.

I'm all for a team having multiple voices. Usually they don't talk over one another.

We all know Bill Polian drafted Collins No. 5 overall in Carolina in 1995.

James points out another significant connection: Caldwell coached quarterbacks at Penn State when Collins was there.