Pertinent Kerry Collins numbers

Picking up on some themes I hit on in this post earlier today, ESPN Stats & Information sorted some Kerry Collins numbers for me.

  • In five seasons with the Titans, he posted a first-quarter passer rating of 59.1, with better numbers the rest of the game -- 77.9 in the second, 79.3 in the third, 78.8 in the fourth. Since 2001, his first-quarter passer rating is 70.1, nearly 7 points lower than in any other quarter.

  • He joined the Titans less than two weeks before their season opener in 2006 and in the team’s first three games he completed 46.7 percent of his passes, he averaged 183 yards per game, he threw one touchdown and six interceptions and he posted a passer rating of 42.3 as the team went 0-3. He was replaced by rookie Vince Young in Week 4. (Yes, he'll be throwing to superior targets if he's playing early for the Colts, but he will have inferior protection.)

  • His record as a Titan was 15-17 and his record against AFC South teams in his career is 13-13.