Quin confident in scheme knowledge

If all the young defensive backs in Houston could think and talk the way Glover Quin is thinking and talking, there would be a lot less concern about the young defensive backs in Houston.

Talking with Houston reporters about his move from cornerback to safety Thursday, he said:

“I definitely feel like I can cover. I’ve played two years in the NFL as a cornerback, so I definitely feel like I can cover, but I’m a scheme guy. I’m a guy that I understand the defense, I understand the schemes and I understand my leverages and my help. When you’re playing corner in this league, if you understand the scheme and you understand what’s going on, you can for the most part survive if you know where you’ve got your help at. There’s not a lot of people out there that can just cover every route by a great receiver. You can’t do that, but if you know you got help on the inside, well if he goes inside, I don’t care. I’m playing every route on the outside or vice versa or I’m fighting everything deep because I know I’ve got short help. It just depends on the leverage and the scheme that you have. I mean, if you understand that, than you can be successful as a corner.”

I think he’s going to be a good player at safety, and reliable help for Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson or Jason Allen. And I sure like Quin's mindset.

I just hope someone like Jackson has a similar understanding, knows when the help will be inside or outside, short or deep and trusts Quin and Danieal Manning to be there.