Jaguars defenders: Bookmark this

Mike Bianchi raises an excellent point in a strong piece: Why does everyone presume the Jaguars are the team that needs to head for Los Angeles, when Florida has a much better candidate in the Buccaneers?

... I would argue Jacksonville is much more passionate about its perennially mediocre Jags than the Bucs are about one of the hottest young teams in the NFL.

Here's all you need to know about how far the Bucs' popularity has fallen not only in Tampa but throughout Central Florida: As I am writing this column, the Bucs do not even have a radio outlet to broadcast their games in the Orlando market. Radio stations in Orlando used to fight over the Bucs, but now the team has gone through much of the preseason without its games being broadcast in this thriving market.

If you want to accurately compare the Bucs to the Jags then chew on this: The Bucs, who were one of the surprise teams in the league last year with a 10-6 record, were the only franchise in the NFL that blacked out every game. Meanwhile, the Jags, a team the media likes to point to as the dirty-faced posterchild for fan apathy, blacked out none of its games despite being in the nation's 49th-ranked TV market.

The Jaguars have tough sledding ahead, but they are hardly alone. The use of them as a ticket-trouble punchline is stale and hardly thoughtful or inventive. Bianchi is right. Jacksonville shouldn't be first in line when this stuff comes up.