One question per team

One big question I see about each team in the division right now ...

Houston Texans

How will Gary Kubiak deploy the running backs behind Arian Foster? Even if he’s ready to go for the opener against the Colts, it might be prudent to limit his carries a bit. Will they go to Derrick Ward or Ben Tate? There is a lot of enthusiasm about Tate right now, and he ran great in games. But Ward is a good option, too, and certainly better equipped to chip in on pass protection against a team like Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Colts

Are they going to be able to stop top running backs? Brian Leonard had a pretty good first half for the Bengals, and he’s pretty much Cincinnati’s third string option. Foster, Ward or Tate should be better. Will the Colts start slow in run defense like they did last year, or are they better equipped? Has enough changed personnel wise from opening day last year with guys like Drake Nevis and Jamaal Anderson contributing?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Why did left tackle Eugene Monroe lose so much weight? Former Jaguars offensive lineman Tony Boselli was part of the broadcast of the Jaguars’ loss to the Rams and he said Monroe had been as low as under 280 during the offseason. While he’s on his way back up, what was the logic of getting that light? I suspect that’s not something that would have happened if there had been no lockout and he’d been working with the team in the offseason.

Tennessee Titans

How do the Titans tend to hamstrings? Look, there is only so much they can do. But Kenny Britt missed three of four games and a ton of practices because of a hamstring issue. And Chris Johnson will just be joining the team today after a long holdout. Guys who miss camp often return and wind up with a pulled muscle. Whatever magic the strength and training staff can work needs to go into effect.