Caldwell finds extra help with Tressel

I suppose I am supposed to have a strong feeling about Jim Tressel joining the Colts as a consultant who will help Jim Caldwell with replay decisions and more.

Caldwell’s been pretty good on challenges, I think, it’s timeouts he could use a voice in his ear on.

The popular reaction to this development is to call on Roger Goodell to suspend Tressel as he enters the league the same way he suspended Terrelle Pryor. I’d like to hear Goodell answer that, but I know it would include something about Tressel being hired, not made eligible for the draft.

It hardly sounds like full-time work for Tressel.

Still, another coach who did wrong at the college level skates into post-collegiate life. I’m well past the point where I can muster any real emotion, better yet, outrage over it.