Texans: What they play before they play

You see them in headphones, walking into the stadium, heading from the locker room to the field, as they stretch and run and get ready for kickoff.

Before the iPods are turned off and put away, what’s the last song the Texans listen to in order to get in the right frame of mind?

Build a playlist based on this if you dare:

Receiver Kevin Walter: Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight”

“It reminds me of my rookie year in Cincinnati; they always had it going in pregame. It gets me going. It’s game time, let’s go.”

Linebacker Connor Barwin: Kayne West, “Power”

“It just puts me in a good mood, gets me ready to go.”

Defensive end J.J. Watt: Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

“It just reminds me it’s all about one moment, your one chance to shine. For me, every game is a chance to shine.”

Cornerback Jason Allen: DMX, “In the Air”

“You feel that feeling, it just gets me riled up and ready to go. Overcome adversity, be ready to bounce back.”

Running back Arian Foster: Janelle Monet, “Archandroid” (album, not song)

“It relaxes me. I listen to it a lot. There is an old proverb that is you can control your breathing, you will have the strength of 10 tigers. When you get amped, your muscles tighten up, you get dehydrated quicker, you start thinking too much.”

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans: Earl Washington, “Hard Fighting Soldier” (via YouTube.)

“Of course it pumps me up, but it also clears my mind and allows me to go into a true focus mode.”

Linebacker Brian Cushing: Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight”

“My linebacker coach in college, Ken Norton, that was his favorite song. It was always the last thing we did, kind of a tradition we started. Any time I hear that song now I just think about him and all the stuff he taught me.”

Center Chris Myers: Mudvayne, “Dig”

“It just kind of gets me up. It’s one of those songs, you can’t really tell what they’re saying, I don’t listen to that type of stuff at any other time aside from just before a game. Just real, real heavy stuff.”

Safety Danieal Manning: Canton Jones, “I Won’t Stop”

“That gets me fired up, let’s me know I won’t stop no matter what’s going on in the game.”

Defensive end Antonio Smith: Marvin Sapp, “The Best in Me” and Fred Hammond “No Weapon”

“They put me in the place I need to be.”

Receiver Andre Johnson: Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight.”

“I kind of got hooked on that song in high school. Our coach used to always play it before big games. They gave their little speech and then played it. It just calms me down, gets me in that game mode.”

Cornerback Johnathan Joseph: Young Jeezy, “Let’s Get It.”

“It relaxes you, it gets your mind right.”

Unable to pick just one, or rebels who don’t wear headphones:

Quarterback Matt Leinart: “I like to do either Eminem or completely go opposite with Enya. I don’t know the song, they all sound the same to me. It’s probably split. Most of the time I try to go more mellow, relax the nerves a little bit.”

Safety Glover Quin: “I like to chill and focus on my assignment. I can’t focus on my assignment and listen to music. I can’t do two things and once. I’m not that talented.”

Quarterback Matt Schaub: “There is usually a good mix in the stadium. The sound system in our stadium isn’t the best for music, so we put some speakers down on the field for warm-ups which is pretty cool. They have a good mix of songs. A good one, a staple is always ‘In the Air Tonight.’”

Kicker Neil Rackers: “If I am really pumped up for a game, I might throw some Enya on there. Any song. Just that strange voice where you don’t really know what she’s singing just calms me down a little bit.”

Running back Ben Tate: “I’m not a big music guy. I might listen a little bit before the game. But closer to the game I’m more quiet and focused on what I’ve got to do.”