Many Manning questions just unreasonable

We’ve said there is too much guessing going on regarding Peyton Manning.

Now Indianapolis Colts team president Jim Irsay has tweeted to squash the latest rumor, that Manning had recent surgery. He also said Manning is out "awhile." There is a lot of talk about the quarterback's timetable, and it presumes knowledge we just don’t have.

I’m hearing shouts like this: Why did Manning wait until May 23 to have surgery?

The answer to your questions, though, is a bunch more questions.

How do we know that Manning needed surgery before then? Isn’t it likely that doctors went first with a conservative approach? Isn’t a procedure that comes with a six-to-eight-week recovery timetable completely reasonable in the spring when considering a fall season? Couldn’t Manning have suffered a new injury or worsened the old one, requiring something in May that he hadn't needed in January?

Just like the timetable for his return, we don’t know, we don’t know and we don’t know.

I’m impatient, too. I want information. I can jump to conclusions. But here is a call for caution and consideration.

Manning joked about HIPAA, the federal law protecting medical privacy, and we’re never going to learn all we’d like. Maybe he’ll be back in a few weeks. Maybe another surgery would put him out longer.

We should not be claiming, though, to know that anything medical has been mismanaged.

The primary thing that was mismanaged was Plan B. The Colts failed to sufficiently prepare early enough for the alternate universe -- the one without Manning.

One more thing: The idea that Manning would be good to go right now had he been rehabbing with the Colts’ medical staff instead of being forced by the lockout to find other doctors? Pure nonsense.

Colts director of rehabilitation Erin Barill is excellent at his job, I am certain. Manning couldn’t be with him during the lockout and hated that. But Barill doesn’t have some magic dust other rehab specialists lack that would have regenerated a nerve in Manning’s neck.

So for now, we know only what is being said by Manning and the team. There's no sense in speculating beyond that.