First-quarter disaster for Collins in Houston

HOUSTON -- We’ve talked about Kerry Collins as a slow starter. In five years with the Titans, his work in the first quarter was his worst by far.

In his Indianapolis debut, he’s lost two fumbles in the red zone -- one a result of pressure, one a dropped snap -- and the Texans have turned them both into touchdowns.

So with a 17-0 Houston lead, can Collins settle down and help get the Colts back into the game?

They are playing a lot of two tight-end sets but that’s not helping any with interior pressure, which is where the Texans have gotten a lot of their push.

Collins just got great protection, stood tall and found Reggie Wayne for 17 yards up the left side. Collins is generally a survivor. He and the Colts may be overmatched today. But it’s too early to call it over.