No problem here with Jones-Drew's stance

Maurice Jones-Drew was happy the Jaguars won, of course. But he was honest too: He was upset the Jaguars put him on a pitch count and didn’t think Jack Del Rio needed to worry about how much he played.

Jones-Drew is coming off offseason knee surgery and a very limited training camp and preseason.

He was honest with Del Rio and the press about being upset, but also urged that his comments not be turned into a big story. I’ve given him a hard time about saying stuff and then backing off regarding both Jay Cutler and David Garrard.

But I am with him here.

He had 24 carries for 97 yards and a score, then spent a lot of time on the sidelines. Deji Karim had 14 carries for 33 yards.

“Sometimes you’re not happy in a game because you want to play more,” MJD said.

Isn’t that what you want to hear from your best offensive player? I much prefer it to him being understanding about not playing as much as he wanted to or felt he could.

To me, as per his request, end of story.