Johnson, Reed recount playoff injury

September, 14, 2011
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- For a couple years, Titans’ faithful have speculated that if Chris Johnson hadn’t suffered an ankle injury that knocked him from the game, Tennessee would have beaten the Ravens in a second-round playoff game following the 2008 season.

Wednesday, as the Titans practiced for Sunday’s home opener against Baltimore, Johnson offered a correction and absolution.

“The play that I actually got hurt on, that was a fair play,” he said. “Somebody landed on my ankle the wrong way and I fell back the wrong way. It was a fair play when I got hurt.”

As for a play a bit earlier when he got bent backwards by Ed Reed while other defenders had him wrapped up low...

“Yeah, they was trying to hurt me a little bit,” he said. “When they were actually trying to do it, it didn’t happen. It actually happened on a fair play.”

Reed remembers things the same way.

“Chris didn’t get hurt on that play [when he was bent awkwardly], he got his back stretched out a little bit, but that wasn’t the play that hurt his ankle,” he said. “...I just remember some big guy falling on his ankle man. Anytime you get a guy like Chris Johnson and his size and then one of those D-lineman fall on it, it’s going to be tough.”

The Titans are eager to give Johnson a full workload and give him every chance to break off a big play. But, Mike Munchak warned, they can’t be impatient about it and call 10 runs in a row waiting for it to happen.

Paul Kuharsky | email

ESPN Tennessee Titans reporter



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