Columnist: Manning future uncertain at best

There is a weak spot in every business relationship, and the Colts and Peyton Manning may find theirs if he’s not the same guy after his recent neck surgery. So says Gene Wojciechowski.

Even if the Colts play well with Kerry Collins at the helm -- and I expect the season to be a struggle -- Manning will hover over the franchise.

How is he recovering? When might he be back? Is it worth it for him to try to play late in a bad season? Will he be the same in 2012?

“… [It’s] silly for anyone to simply assume Manning will play again because his surgeon says he will, or because the Colts have kept him on the active roster. After all, don't you think Manning's doctors told him after the second procedure, the one performed this past May, that they were confident of his chances to return in time for Indy's season opener?

“… Anything could happen with the Colts during the next six months. They could recover. They could tank. They could welcome back Manning. They could place him on the curb.”

I think the curb is close to an impossibility. But we’re in uncharted territory here, and we’ll only know what’s going to happen when the time comes for it to happen.