Del Rio on QB call: Not yet

The Jaguars quarterback question won’t be answered today.

Here’s Jack Del Rio Monday on Luke McCown and Blaine Gabbert, a day after McCown imploded in a blowout loss to the Jets and Gabbert saw some time.

“The only thing I’d like to say at this point today is that we’re evaluating the tape, going through, have not even begun to turn our attention to the Carolina Panthers yet. And if we decide to make a change at any position we’ll let you know when it’s appropriate. For us right now we’re kind of putting yesterday behind us and when the meetings are over with with the players then as a staff we’ll turn our attention towards the Panthers.”

“I said what I have to say on the quarterback. I know there’s more inquiring minds want to know. When there’s information to give you, we’ll provide it. There’s really not a lot of benefit for our football team to sit here and play the speculative game with you all on what may or may not happen or when something may or may not occur, and so we’re just not going to do that today. So like I said, when a decision’s made there will be an opportunity to discuss and we’ll go from there.”

Later, asked if it would be fair to pull McCown after two starts, Del Rio said: “Again, that’s the kind of question that you get to ask when you don’t play well enough. Those kinds of questions come up, and so that will certainly be one that you visit and anybody paying attention may ask.”

The team would be wise to answer it Wednesday.

Trying to keep a secret about your starting quarterback as you begin a preparation week is a) folly and b) another distraction that takes away from the mission at hand.

Gabbert's not ready. No rookie quarterback is. He's unlikely to look like Cam Newton has. But if the quarterback is going to struggle, it might as well be the rookie. If he needs a break later, McCown will still be around.