Reading the coverage: Columnist edition

Reading the coverage ...

Houston Texans

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle: “There are a host of reasons if you're looking for them, but penalties, dropped passes, badly thrown balls, terrible blocking, and questionable coaching decisions didn't prevent the Raiders from winning.

“Perhaps one of these days, the Texans will figure out how to win when they don't play very well. Heck, their record would be better if they just won every time their opponents played poorly.

“In the mean time, it wouldn't be healthy to hold your breath waiting for the Texans to play well every week. Few teams are that good. Gary Kubiak's squad, which slipped to 3-2, certainly isn't one of them.”

Indianapolis Colts

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star: "'Complete collapse,' [Robert] Mathis said in a quiet locker room. 'No excuse, no excuse given. We've got to do better. It was a complete collapse, bottom line. We're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

"'Stopping the run, stopping the pass. It's indescribable. I wish I could hit the re-set button. I don't think we got any passing grades in Football 101. This is by far the angriest I've been after a game. By far.'

"It has been written and said a couple of million times: The Colts defense is built to play with a lead. Now it has blown two leads in seven days. Last Monday, it was 10-0 at Tampa Bay. Sunday, it was 17-0 and 24-7. At home, no less."

Jacksonville Jaguars

Gene Frenette of the Times-Union: “Of all the punches to the gut the Jaguars have absorbed under [Jack] Del Rio, the way they ultimately went down 30-20 Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, it now seems only a matter of time before [Wayne] Weaver extinguishes the hottest coaching seat in the NFL behind the Miami Dolphins.

“Del Rio’s Jaguars did it again. They pulled off what has become an all-too-familiar trend for Jacksonville’s beleaguered franchise -- finding every way imaginable to lose a football game.”

Tennessee Titans

David Climer of The Tennessean: “Given all the uncertainty of an offseason marked by a head-coaching change and shuffling of the roster, a 3-2 mark thus far was about as good as any rational fan could have hoped.

“Well, the Titans hit a break in the schedule at 3-2 and — incredibly — tied with Houston atop the AFC South.”

“So what’s the complaint?

“Here it is: Pittsburgh 38, Tennessee 17.”