When did Garrard's back become an issue?

David Garrard will not re-emerge in Oakland or anywhere else this season. He told Chris Mortensen he’s got a herniated disc and will soon schedule back surgery.

Garrard missed some time in the preseason with back problems.

It’s unclear when the injury became an issue that needs surgery, but it’s a bizarre twist for the quarterback who was let go by the Jaguars just before the regular season started.

The indication when he didn’t land in Miami after Chad Henne's injury was that he was not satisfied with the role offered or the lack of guaranteed money. He clarified his rationale for passing up the Dolphins in a conversation with Mortensen.

In that interview on Oct. 9, Garrard told Mortensen: “Here's the bottom line: I'm staying in shape. I'm taking care of my body, my legs, my arm -- I'm having regular massage treatments. I'm ready to play. I'm ready for the right opportunity.”

That would suggest he had no disc problem eight days ago. Or that he had one he was hoping would settle down, one that could have been a factor in his dealings with the Dolphins.