Irsay, Manning ask for patience on big issues

Thursday was an interesting day in Indianapolis, with both Peyton Manning and owner Jim Irsay speaking to the state of Manning’s neck and possible scenarios facing the Colts going forward.

From those conversations, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star wrote that it’s possible the Manning era is over.

Mike Chappell of the Star runs down the rest of Irsay’s comments, including his thinking about Bill and Chris Polian (it’s radical to even talk about change given the success of the franchise) and Jim Caldwell (more will be revealed in the next eight games).

You should read both, but one unsurprisingly consistent theme was patience.

Said Irsay:

"You really can't put yourself in April now. You certainly contemplate it and you think about it and all those things, but I think how many quarterbacks are going to be there and that sort of thing: Is Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones coming out? How do guys grade out that are going to be there? That all weighs into it.

"I think that theoretically if Peyton is healthy and can go several more years but you see a potentially great player, his replacement and that sort of thing, that you'd look at that hard, but I think it's unknown at this point where we're going to draft, who's going to be there."

Said Manning:

"There will be times to answer all those questions. Y'all just got to practice a little more patience. You're just a very impatient group. You want to know what's going to happen in February with the contract, what's going to happen in April with the draft.

"All I can say is those times will arrive in February and in April. Until then, I understand it's fair to ask those questions, but I think we'll just address them when the times come."

Thise questions and their answers will rank among the biggest stories in the league until they are resolved.