On breakout rookies, paying Arian Foster

We’ve got two Insider pieces I wanted to give you a glimpse into.

Mel Kiper takes a look at 10 rookies who could be ready for second-half breakouts. Two are from the AFC South.

5. Blaine Gabbert, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

"I know it seems odd to have Gabbert here given all the reps he's seen, but I think he has a chance to play a lot better in the second half as he gets more comfortable. Among the rookie QBs, he's playing with the weakest group of pass-catching targets, and also hasn't seen very good protection; he's looked bad against the rush. He can show better accuracy if he can settle down."

7. Akeem Ayers, LB, Tennessee Titans

"He's seen a lot of action, but in Ayers I see a guy with a ton of natural talent who is just starting to get comfortable. I expect him to continue to progress and make better reads and become more of an impact player as he develops the ability to anticipate."

Both certainly qualify as due to do more than they have.

Aaron Schatz looks at three running backs -- Matt Forte, Arian Foster and Ray Rice -- and offers a verdict on if they should get paid.

He lines up 10 backs comparable to each, and the Foster list of guys who started with small roles and blossomed isn’t great in terms of long-term success -- Shaun Alexander, Ahman Green and Willie Parker are in the top five.

“Their 2010 second-round pick, Ben Tate, is playing even better than Foster this season, albeit in a part-time role. Tate is averaging 5.7 yards per carry and ranks third among backs in Football Outsiders' DVOA ratings; Foster averages 4.3 yards per carry and ranks 12th in DVOA. While Foster's comparables present evidence that the Texans can get good value out of Foster for the next couple of seasons, Tate's performance suggests that they can save some money and hand the job to someone they already have on the cheap.”

It's an interesting stance. But it's awfully hard to look at how good Foster is and think of not rewarding him.