RTC: Amid Colts' failures, Wayne stays calm

Reading the coverage ...

Houston Texans

The Texans have no concerns about the Jaguars’ accusations of dirty play from the first matchup between the teams, writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “Dirty is an improvement over the Texans’ old reputation as a mentally soft team that blew leads.” One of the Jaguars who complained, defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, won’t play today. The Texans clearly got under the skin of some Jaguars, which serves as an advantage.

Indianapolis Colts

Reggie Wayne always thinks this week is the week he’ll have a big game, writes Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. Wayne said he’s ready to blow his stack after every fruitless game, but a text message from his wife with a picture of his kids calms him down. It’s hard to imagine what this season is like for a great player on a terrible team. In a contract year, he even admits he’s wondered if it’s happening on purpose.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars' slim playoff hopes will be extinguished if they lose to Houston today, says Vito Stellino of the Times-Union. But no matter what, they are really just playing out the string. “That means the Jaguars now face one of the toughest tasks in the NFL. They have to play six more games without the carrot of postseason hopes to drive them. They are playing for a franchise that is at a low point in its 17-year history, with the passion of its fan base eroded.” For Stellino to call this the low point is big.

Tennessee Titans

Stopping the run better was priority No. 1 for the Titans' revamped defense, writes John Glennon of The Tennessean. But after 10 games, the run defense isn’t any better than last season’s. In fact, it’s worse. That’s not good news with Tampa Bay’s LeGarrette Blount in town. Safety Michael Griffin thinks the Titans are thinking too much and aren’t disciplined enough with their gap control. Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray thinks it’s been bad tackling. I think the defense has insufficient talent.