Koetter: Changes no quick-fix for Gabbert

Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter doesn’t believe people should have expectations of some great transformation in rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert based on the adjustment to the coaching staff this week.

After Jack Del Rio was fired and Mel Tucker got the interim job, he fired receivers coach Johnny Cox and moved Mike Sheppard from quarterback to receivers. That leaves Koetter with the quarterbacks on his own.

The change, he said, results in less exclusive time for him with Gabbert than has been portrayed.

“I don’t know if one guy going in a room and spending an extra hour and a half a day with the guy is going to make a noticeable difference over a short time period,” he told Jacksonville media Friday.

“...Me or any other guy that is around Blaine long-term is going to have an influence on him over a long period of time. There are just a lot of other circumstances involved. Who are the receivers? What kind of protection do you have? Who are you playing?

“Throw in all of the other circumstances of this week -- ‘Oh by the way the head coach is fired and they sold the team’ -- it’s just not that simple to say, ‘OK we’re putting a new guy in there.’ Now I love coaching quarterbacks, I love being around them, but we’re 11 weeks into a season that’s not going the way we want it to. There has been a lot of change in the air. This has been an uncomfortable week for everybody, players and coaches. We all have a job to do, we’re all professionals, we’ve got to do our job, but what are the results going to be? I don’t know.”

Koetter is an honest coach and these sentiments serve as important, realistic reminders.

The next coach who works with Gabbert will be most influential, and Koetter knows with a new owner and new head coach it won’t likely be him. He’ll work hard with Gabbert for the remainder of the season, then knows odds are good he’ll be coaching football somewhere else in the league or in the college ranks next year.