Titans feel Haynesworth questions can end now

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The Titans are still going to face Albert Haynesworth questions.

They are probably going to be less willing to field them politely.

Tennessee rushed Ben Roethlisberger well, mostly with just its front four defensive linemen. It’s how they operated with the massive defensive tackle, it’s how they’ve said they plan to operate without him after he jumped to Washington for a giant free-agent contract.

Against the Steelers, five Tennessee linemen combined for four sacks and eight quarterback hits.

“I think the D-line did a great job of just playing football. They were stopping the run, they were doing a good job getting upfield, getting Ben [Roethlisberger] off the spot,” linebacker Keith Bulluck said. “I don’t think Albert should be talked about around here anymore. Those boys deserved it, they earned it, they held their own.”

Defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson said the Titans could have rushed better.

“When it came down to it, he had the ball at the end of the game longer than we expected him to, but that’s the game, they max protected a lot and did a good job blocking I guess,” he said.

As for the whether the defensive line answered the Haynesworth question, he said, “You tell me.”

“Albert didn’t make the defense,” Vickerson said. “He was a part of it. He didn’t make it. Like you saw [Thursday night] we can play, I think we showed the world that.”