Chat wrap: Oh, the places we went

Thursday’s AFC South chat may have been the fastest hour in the history of the blog.

We zipped all around. If you missed it, you missed discussions of:

  • Jake Delhomme vs. T.J. Yates.

  • The silly idea of getting Tim Tebow to go with Blaine Gabbert.

  • My resemblance to a bald Bert from Sesame Street and a consideration of the patron saints of bald men.

  • The Titans’ offseason already being discombobulated.

  • The ability of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck to coexist.

  • A new allowance for backyard chickens where I live.

  • Whether a coach or general manager should dictate schemes.

  • The Texans' weird platooning of Kareem Jackson.

Check it all out here. Then make plans to be free for our get togethers in the future.