Futher review: MJD's 2-point try

The situation: The Jaguars have just scored on a 7-yard run by Maurice Jones-Drew to close to 14-12 and are going for 2 with 11:12 remaining in the game.

The Jaguars line up with an unconventional offensive line set: Tight end Marcedes Lewis is acting as the left tackle and left guard Vince Manuwai pulls to head lead Jones-Drew up the middle. Brad Meester is the center with three linemen to his right -- guard Maurice Williams, tackle Eben Britton and tackle Eugene Monroe.

To top it off, Jones-Drew is lined up like a shotgun quarterback, with receiver Nate Hughes wide left, receiver Torry Holt in the slot on the right and quarterback David Garrard wide right.

Here’s what I saw unfold after the snap:

  • Hughes comes from the left side towards Jones-Drew, who fakes a handoff to him, but no one on the Colts appears to bite on the idea that Hughes is getting the ball and heading right.

  • Jones-Drew pulls the ball back, puts his head down and heads up the middle.

  • The Colts get good penetration from the snap. Left end Robert Mathis turns Monroe outside and slides inside him to bottle up any possibilities to the right.

  • Right end Dwight Freeney slips inside Lewis and gets low on Jones-Drew in a big pile.

  • Cornerback Jerraud Powers, who tracked Hughes from the left plugs in behind Lewis to prevent any sort of possible spin out by Jones-Drew, who’s stuffed well short of the goal line.

Result: Attempt fails.

Ultimate outcome: That was the Jaguars last best chance to pull even their last two possessions start at their own 1-yard line and their own 33, and they never even cross midfield as the Colts hold on for the win.