Are Texans better off without Schaub or AJ?


The question popped up in our chat on Thursday, and it was a tough one.

What’s a better scenario for the Houston Texans against the Baltimore Ravens: To have Matt Schaub but not Andre Johnson as they did in the regular-season loss in Baltimore, or to have Andre Johnson but not Matt Schaub.

I’m torn, frankly.

Even though the Texans collapsed late and lost 29-14 to the Ravens on Oct. 16, I lean toward Schaub as being more important. Given how confusing the Baltimore defense can be, I think a veteran quarterback who can dissect it is a more important element than a reliable, big-play, big and strong receiver.

But, the Texans have tried this with Schaub and without Johnson, so maybe going the other way is a better option if you have to subtract one. I think that's a more difficult case to make.

I think it’s great fodder for a poll question. So I want to know what you think.