What T.J. Yates couldn't do for the Texans

The Houston Texans talked of how the Baltimore Ravens chose to play coverage against T.J. Yates rather than try to disrupt him with pressure Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium

According to ESPN Stats and Info, Baltimore sent four or fewer rushers on 29 of Yates’ 35 dropbacks. On those plays, Yates was 13-for-29 for 121 yards with all three of his interceptions.

He also struggled on the sort of short stuff you’d expect to be his security blanket.

In the regular season, he hit on 66.3 percent of passes that traveled 10 yards or fewer with an average of 6 yards per attempt three touchdowns and one pick and a 31.6 first-down percentage.

Against the Ravens Sunday, he hit on just 47.6 percent of such throws, with 3.1 yards per attempts with no TDs and no picks and a first down just 19 percent of the time.

He finished with a passer rating of 28.8 and a QBR of 15.7, the second-lowest among the eight quarterbacks in the divisional round, better than only Tim Tebow (9.5).

Because they quickly fell behind and had to play catchup, the Texans got away from their typical run-pass ratio. They called runs a league-high 52 percent of the time this year, but In Baltimore that was down to 44 percent.

The Texans finish the 2011 season with a 10-1 mark when they ran the ball more than half the time and 1-6 when they didn’t.