AFC Southies on list of next TV talkers

Peter Schrager of Esquire is anticipating the next wave of NFL TV analysts, providing a list of the 10 players we will see next on the tube.

(There aren’t tubes in our TVs anymore, are there? The term can linger, can’t it?)

The AFC South dominates the top of the list, occupying the first, second and fifth slots.

1) Peyton Manning -- From the story: “If I were to rank the top five active players that I'd want on a studio show, Peyton Manning would be number one, number two, number three, number four, and number five." — Television Executive

PK: If it’s what he wants to do, he’ll be fantastic at it, particularly as his contemporaries finish playing and he’s less likely to hold back on criticism.

2) Jeff Saturday -- From the story: “Surprisingly, the lockout actually helped some guys. As the voice of the players union, he came off as smart, thoughtful, and very likeable. There's a lot of buzz about Saturday. He could get a prime gig right out of the gates." — Agent

PK: The more non-quarterbacks added to the analyst ranks, the better. It would be great to have an additional lineman in a prominent spot.

5) Matt Hasselbeck -- From the story: “I think he’ll be great. Good voice, smart guy, and pretty funny. He's a no-brainer to me." — Agent

PK: Saw him work up close this season and he’d be very interesting and entertaining.