On Manning and KC, Indy and SB

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sometimes, stating the obvious becomes news.

And we spend a lot of time here commenting on news, so I thought I’d spend a moment on a couple headlines.

1. Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel said he’d be crazy not to consider Peyton Manning if the quarterback comes available. Such a comment stirred up the expected mentions of tampering. (Technically, it probably qualifies; practically, it’s hardly an outlandish thing for him to have said.)

To me, it’d be a far bigger headline if Crennel said he wouldn’t consider Manning. The Chiefs could actually be a good destination for Manning. I think he’d be best going to a team that had a satisfactory situation at QB -- and Matt Cassel is satisfactory. Then if Manning’s arm rebounds, you get a giant upgrade. But if his nerve regeneration issues linger and his arm strength is an issue, it’s not like Kansas City has nothing at the spot.

2. Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard said his city would like to host another Super Bowl.

Again, news that Indy didn’t want to host the big game again would have qualified as a far bigger headline.

Of course the city wants the game again and hopes to be part of the regular rotation. It’s be difficult to get so fortunate with relatively mild weather again. But otherwise Naptown showed itself to be a superb host with great logistics and hospitality. Add me to the chorus of press saying the city should be a regular in the Super Bowl rotation.