Outgoing/Incoming: Houston Texans

One player I think will be outgoing, one player I think should be incoming, for the Houston Texans once free agency opens Tuesday afternoon.

I’m steering clear of the huge guys on the incoming category, as it’s easy to say a team should covet the best/most expensive player at a position of need.

Outgoing: Mario Williams, outside linebacker/defensive end. Maybe they can make him a semi-attractive last-minute offer. But there is no reason for him not to see what the market has to offer, and what it has to offer is going to overwhelm him in comparison to what the Texans can offer. He’s a phenomenal combination of size and athleticism. But he also tends to be injured.

Incoming: Robert Meachem, receiver. Marques Colston gets all the attention as the Saints receiver who can leave. Meachem will be less pricey, and has the sort of speed that could help the Texans stretch the field and provide a playmaker in the receiver group beyond Andre Johnson. I don’t think they will do anything in free agency, at least not early, because of financial constraints.