Holt would like Jags looser; MJD says aura is red

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Torry Holt emphasized it’s just one man’s opinion, but he told Jacksonville reporters the Jaguars could benefit from playing looser.

“I think as a group we’re not really as relaxed as we should be -- offensively, as well as a football team,” he said. “It’s good to be excited and intense but you have to be relaxed and confident in what it is that you’re doing. Because if you’re relaxed and confident throughout the week of preparing, you got to have that same even keel when you go out on the football field on Sundays. [We need to] just relax, execute, pay a little more attention to details and when the play needs to be made, make the play. Don’t try to do more than you have to, just make the play and go from there.”

Does that equate to playing with nothing to lose?

“Yeah, play like you don’t have anything to lose,” he said. “We don’t, and nobody’s giving us a chance right now. Nobody gave us a chance as we were coming into the season but that’s in our favor. We can be the most relaxed, confident and go out and just let you hair down and do whatever we want to do on the football field because no one’s expecting anything. But you know, I think we’ll be fine. I think you’ll see a more relaxed football team this weekend as we go in against the Texans.”

Looser is generally better, but I think it’s going to be hard for a team with less talent than most opponents, with so many young players and with such a narrow margin for error to be able to keep the tension out of their game, particularly when things start to go wrong.

The Jaguars aren’t built to come from behind -- big pass plays have been hard to come by. The team will look for a boost from two rookie receivers, Mike Thomas and Jarett Dillard, Sunday in Houston.

Jack Del Rio is not buying the too-tense idea.

“No, I think you can scratch around for reasons to explain away the reality -- you didn’t win the first two games,” he said.

Meanwhile running back Maurice Jones-Drew turned a question about morale into a humorous discussion of his aura.

“I hate losing at anything so my morale is upset, my aura is like red,” he said. “It’s usually bright green, happy. Right now it’s very upset -- black, red, purple. We have to have that sense of urgency that you have this bad taste in your mouth and you want to get rid of it. A win is the only way to get rid of it.”