Del Rio: Understanding fans' 'frustration or elation'

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Via Michael C. Wright’s Twitter account (@jagsreporter), here’s what Jack Del Rio said on David Lamm’s show on 1010 XL in Jacksonville that’s sure to get some people’s attention:

"I don’t really care to understand the fans’ frustration or elation, whichever it is."

Wright then said: “Couldn't believe he said it. Think he realized what he said & tried to temper it. I wouldn't be fair if I don't include all”

And so he continued in several more tweets to share the rest of Del Rio’s thoughts on the topic:

"I know that both come. You win, they love you, there’s elation. You lose, you’re terrible, you’re the worst, you’re a bum.

"I understand all that. That’s not part of what I really spend time worrying about or considering.

"For the most part, the die-hard, the solid fan is gonna be there supporting the team.

"The guys who are kind of fair-weather fans will jump on when things start rolling good.

“Right now, they’re not. So that’s not where I look for my support.”

What do Jaguars fans think about that?

UPDATE: Here's a link to the audio. The section in question is at about the 9:10 mark. The question that follows about Marcedes Lewis' pursuit on the blocked field goal is interesting too.