Jaguars unsure if MJD will show for camp

Mike Mularkey’s Jaguars report to camp on Thursday.

He doesn’t know if veteran running back Maurice Jones-Drew will be there, per this Tweet from John Oehser of Jaguars.com.

Oehser sat down with Mularkey on Monday and reported that everyone on the roster knows the details of when the team expects them to report -- including MJD. Mularkey just doesn’t know if they should be expecting him.

“We talked about it this morning (in a staff meeting),” Mularkey said. “We said, ‘Have you heard of somebody not showing up?’ Everyone said, ‘No, we all think they’re going to be here.’ It is what it is.”

MJD hasn’t been with the team this offseason and has not gotten to know Mularkey and the new coaching staff. Though he has two years left on his current contract, he’s staying away to try to prompt a new deal following a season where he led the NFL in rushing yards. Jaguars GM Gene Smith has said the team will not renegotiate with two years remaining on an existing contract.

Here, Bill Barnwell of Grantland considers who the best running back in football is. He looks at five candidates, including Jones-Drew and Arian Foster. Barnwell has a lot of arrows pointing to Jones-Drew.

“It's incredible to think that Maurice Jones-Drew averaged 5.2 yards per carry on first down in relatively close situations when the Jaguars had virtually no other number to call,” Barnwell writes. “ What, was Blaine Gabbert going to look deep for Chastin West? (MJD’s) primary backup, Deji Karim, averaged just 2.0 yards per carry in the same situation.”

Ultimately Barnwell winds up selecting Ray Rice, but only after a lot of discussion of just how hard it is to pick the top guy right now.