Player Perspective: Anderson on power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Whether this catches fire and gets guys lining up to be heard, I can’t tell you. (Hit the mailbag, players, if you want in.)


But thanks to Houston receiver David Anderson for serving as a guinea pig in our first attempt at “Player Perspective.”

Here’s his take on this week’s ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings:

Here we go sports fans!

My evaluation of the "all knowing" sports reporters. The same men that probably fumbled away their only JV HS football carry apparently can rank every team.

Things that you actually got right:

The Ravens, Giants, and Saints in the top 5.

No one should argue that these teams have been playing some great football against some very different opponents. It would be impossible for me to say No. 1 in the NFL because it is such a talented league it switches all the time. Besides that, it is pretty hard to tell where teams are ranked this early in the season. I have no problem with the Vikings ranking even thought they barely pulled it out last week. They are good.

Things that are wrong:

We are still behind the Titans? I guess the magic number is 0-4. The Jets? Put them higher -- 6 is high, but they need to be higher. The Redskins are above the Lions? This is not college, we are not kids. You cannot base teams off potential. Either you get it done on Sundays or you don't. If they beat them they are better. Patriots are ranked pretty high at this point in the season. Without a kickoff fumble, this is a 1-2 team. They don't look the same right now. And if you are ranking off potential you have to rank off potential disappointment as well. Miami has a new QB and some problems. The Packers are giving up sacks like foam fingers. And the Colts can't win every week if the only have the ball during commercials.

Overall ...

You Monday Morning QBs do watch a lot of football so you get things pretty close. Just remember, though, it is Week 3, and it is a long season. Check in with me at Week 10, and then we will be able to tell. No Super Bowls in September.