Further review: Walter's offensive PI

September, 29, 2009

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The situation: The Jaguars are up 31-24 with 2:54 left in the game, but the Texans have a first-and-goal at the Jacksonville 1-yard line.

Matt Schaub heads under center with two tight ends, Owen Daniels tight left and Joel Dreessen tight right, two wide receivers and a single back, Chris Brown. Andre Johnson starts left, not very wide and Kevin Walter is right, maybe 5 yards off of Dreessen.

The Jaguars have three down linemen and a linebacker on either side at the line of scrimmage and five defensive backs.

Here’s what I saw unfold after the snap: Schaub backs out and offers a play-action fake to Brown, running off right tackle.

Without the ball, Brown turns right at the 1, slants toward the goal line and is open for a moment as linebacker Clint Ingram leaves him to chase the quarterback and a defensive back starts to close the gap on Brown heading across the front right of the end zone.

Cornerback Rashean Mathis blitzes from the right, but left tackle Duane Brown fends him off without much of a problem.

Schaub rolls rights and has plenty of time to assess what he sees.

Johnson turns left, staying in the backfield and looking to block, but isn’t immediately needed.

Daniels runs into the end zone and curls right to the backline. As some players and an official get tangled up and he slips behind linebacker Justin Durant, brushing him and then raising his arms to signal he’s open. Another linebacker, Daryl Smith, appears to freeze to stay alive in case Daniels is the target.

Dreessen takes four or five steps left, blocking down on Derrick Harvey and pushing him aside and down, then turns and heads back to the front middle of the end zone.

Walter slants in from the right and bangs into Durant right in the middle of the X in the “Texans” written across the end zone, interrupting his course to the area where Dreessen settles.

Schaub throws back across a bit to Dreessen for what appears to be a game-tying, 1-yard touchdown with Durant arriving on his back a beat late.

But there is a flag, and Walter is called for offensive pass interference.

I don’t see the receiver turn his head to look for the ball and believe even if it was unintentional, he did interfere with Durant.

Result: Ten-yard penalty, first-and-11 from the Jacksonville 11. Schaub hits David Anderson for a 9-yard gain, but Brown is stripped at the goal line by Smith, who recovers the ball in the end zone.

Ultimate outcome: The big defensive play by Smith preserves the Jaguars' lead and ensures their first win. Both teams leave Reliant Stadium 1-2.

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ESPN Tennessee Titans reporter



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