What I think the Texans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking in the headquarters of the Houston Texans this afternoon…

That’s pretty nice to roll to a road win like that on a day where we didn’t need a heck of a lot from guys we usually rely on like receiver Andre Johnson or outside linebacker Connor Barwin. We established from the start that there would be no room for the Jaguars to feel like they’d have a chance, and that’s the way a game like that should pan out. We’ll watch the Broncos at Atlanta tonight and then start getting ready for our trip to Denver. If we can go there and have a big showing, we’ll show that our 2-0 start wasn’t all about beating up two bad teams. If we go there and tank, we know the reaction will be all about how once we faced a good team we couldn’t maintain our high level of play. Peyton Manning got the better of this franchise for what felt like 100 times. In his new environment, it’s time to change that.