What I think the Colts are thinking

What I think they're thinking at the headquarters of the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon:

It stinks we didn’t win a second game in a row. We sure should have. A second-string nickelback and two starting safeties need to be able to prevent an 80-yard catch and run with under a minute left. We could have been more aggressive late in the game instead of playing for what felt like would be a game-winning field goal (we missed the first, hit the second). Now we get some rest as we head toward our too-early bye. We’ve got to get back to some basics on run defense. We will be a better team if Pat Angerer and Dwight Freeney are ready to return from injuries in two weeks against the Packers. But are the newly injured guys in our secondary, Vontae Davis and Justin King, going to be OK to go against that passing game? Whether we are healthy or not, the Packers will provide a much bigger challenge than the Jaguars just did.