RTC: Justin Blackmon stuck in neutral

Reading the coverage, once around ...

Houston Texans

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips feels like he’s defending a passing team now based on what the Titans have shown to be good at, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

To which I say: The Titans should be feeling like and intending to be a passing team now. You can’t waste time against a good team like Houston, forcing something like Chris Johnson when it’s simply not working.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman was way beyond a long shot to make it in the NFL, writes Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star. “Been through a lot, done a lot, have a nice little story,” Freeman said. “It’s just perseverance.”

To which I say: He’s been a great find for the Colts, who have the roster room and the mentality to look anywhere and everywhere for players. When Pat Angerer returns from a foot injury, what role do the Colts find for Freeman?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Justin Blackmon is a rookie receiver running in neutral, says Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “He’ll get his share,” receivers coach Jerry Sullivan said. “Guys get anxious because they want to get the ball. That’s being a good player. “

To which I say: Blackmon’s got plenty of time, but the Jaguars could use some faster progress considering the passing game isn’t holding up its side of the deal on offense.

Tennessee Titans

Against the Titans defense, quarterbacks have posted a league-high passer rating of 119.0. Which prompts John Glennon of The Tennessean to look at how much they may be missing cornerback Cortland Finnegan, a good player they let walk as a free agent.

To which I say: The Titans' corners certainly haven’t played as well as I expected with Finnegan gone. Jason McCourty has been too quiet, and Tommie Campbell lost the team’s faith, falling behind Ryan Mouton.