Luck too anxious on early mistakes

Andrew Luck's mistakes near the start of the Colts' loss to the Jets weren’t from missed reads or poor execution. They came from an urge to hurry when he saw things unfolding and knew what he wanted to happen.

“He made a couple early mistakes being too anxious to get the ball out of his hand because he knew the guys were wide open,” interim coach Bruce Arians said to Indianapolis press. “Just relax and let it play out. Don’t throw it two steps early. You’ve got it right where you want it, just get the ball in there and don’t try it too hard. It’s not like lack of focus, it’s trying too hard and saying, ‘Oh, I got it.’ Just let it happen.”

Luck said the biggest lesson for him out of the loss was about being consistent, and that he can’t afford to miss an open guy in the end zone on a play off or miss an open guy on a third-and-1.

Mistakes like that come back to haunt most teams. For a young team like the Colts, they may hurt even more.

Luck was asked if it’s harder to get past a big game or a bad performance that came with regrets.

“That’s a good question, I don’t know which one is tougher,” Luck said. “You learn to deal with both situations as an athlete. In each situation, you realize you got another one coming up so regardless of what happened, get back on track.”