Telling info on downs and distances

Earlier today, I spent some time combing through what AFC South offenses have done by down and distance.

There is some telling information in there. Here is a bit on each of our teams.


Facing third-and-6 or less, Houston is not very predictable:

  • 24 runs, 12 first downs

  • 30 passes, 19 first downs

Defenses have to respect the run possibilities there, which helps the play-action and influences the passing numbers.


Facing second-and-10, Tennessee actually runs the ball better than it throws it:

  • 8 runs, 3.38-yard average, but zero conversions

  • 22 passes, 3.23 yard average, 13.64 percent conversions

For as bad as the Titans are at running the ball, those numbers are a real indictment of the passing game.

On third down, the Titans have run four times and thrown 72 times. Not hard for defenses to predict what's coming there.


Facing third-and-4 or less, Indianapolis has been compelled to throw:

  • 5 runs, 3 first downs

  • 24 passes, 9 first downs

While the conversion rate is better when they run it, they've done it infrequently and its shows a lack of faith in their ground game.


Facing first-and-10, the Jaguars have shown great balance:

  • 51 runs for a 4.55-yard average

  • 50 passes for 5.78 average yards

On second-and-6 or less, the Jaguars are probably going to run it:

  • 22 runs, 4.64-yard average, 12 first downs

  • 7 passes, 1.86 yard average, 1 first down

It's impressive they can gain that much on the ground considering there is hardly a reason to defend the pass.