Signing Henne another questionable move

The Jaguars went into free agency in 2012 determined to get an upgrade at backup quarterback.

Luke McCown simply didn’t give them a good enough alternative to Blaine Gabbert last season.

Their choice was former Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne.

Some outsiders projected that Henne would challenge Gabbert for the starting job in training camp, but that never materialized. Gabbert was better, and I believe Henne was worse, than the Jaguars' new coaching staff expected.

Sunday in Oakland, Gabbert was off to a very good start when he was crunched into the turf and ultimately knocked out of the game with a left shoulder injury in the second quarter.

The Jaguars led 14-3 when Henne replaced Gabbert, and the offense was significantly worse under the leadership of the backup.

Per ESPN Stats & Info, here’s the breakdown of quarterback play.

  • Gabbert: 26 plays, 5.5 yards per play, two negative plays.

  • Henne: 35 plays, 1.9 yards per play, seven negative plays.

Gabbert posted a passer rating of 123.6; Henne was at 54.4.

Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton were probably the two best free-agent options as backup quarterbacks. I thought Campbell would have been a good choice for Jacksonville.

He landed in Chicago and Orton landed in Dallas.

The Jaguars landed in the loss column in Oakland in large part because Henne landed in Jacksonville.

Maybe he gets another chance or two and is heroic for the Jaguars this season.

The discussion regarding this team right now centers on its lack of talent. Four years into his term, general manager Gene Smith has picked a good share of the roster.

He picked Henne. Today, it looks like the latest example of a bad assessment.