What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon …

We thought coming into the season we’d be an offense capable of some major fireworks, and there they were on display in Buffalo. Chris Johnson did what Chris Johnson should do against the worst rushing defense in the league: He shredded it. A committee of receivers made contributions. On a fourth-and-9 on the decisive play of the game, Matt Hasselbeck and Nate Washington connected for a 15-yard game-winning touchdown. Look how deadly we can be on offense. Defensively, well, are you sure we need to talk about that? Our tackling remains horrific and we made Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick look better than he is. We’ve done nice work fighting to 3-4 from 1-4. Indianapolis is a team we probably should beat at home, but their progress seems steadier than ours and we should be further ahead of them in putting our franchise in order. Win it and we’re in really nice shape at 4-4. Lose it and we’ve been leapfrogged by the Colts and are right back in trouble.