What I think the Jaguars are thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon…

It's a different Monday, but it's the same conversation. How do we keep our spirits up, maintain confidence in the program and go forward coming off a new brand of bad loss? What are we supposed to think on the heels of a collapse like that, where we’re up two touchdowns in Oakland, have to turn to backups at running back and quarterback and ultimately fall apart? We need to focus on what’s to come and keep churning, but it’s awfully hard to do when it becomes increasingly apparent that our incremental improvements, our depth and our ability to play closer to mistake free are all lacking? Why are we so banged up again? Why do we always have all these questions that are so difficult to answer? How in the world do we go to Green Bay and stand toe-to-toe with the Packers when the Packers just destroyed the best team in our division?