Reflecting on Scouts Inc.'s new Top 50

Halfway through the season, who are the top 50 players in the NFL?

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. put together this list, plus 25 honorable mentions.

The AFC South storyline?

Four Texans are in the top 50 -- starting with J.J. Watt at No. 5 and including Arian Foster, Duane Brown and Johnathan Joseph -- and Andre Johnson is an honorable mention.

Among the other 70 names, not one is out of our division.

I talked to Williamson to ask him who the next best player in the division would be right now.

He said Reggie Wayne and Brian Cushing (another Texan) could easily be honorable mentions and also mentioned Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Myers (another Texan). He also touched on Eugene Monroe and Andrew Luck as risers.

Pushed to pick one, he went with Wayne.

Rather than trying to defend Wayne's absence, Williamson honorably called it an oversight.

"But I would say he is a fringe guy for that honorable mention list ... not quite as explosive as he once was, but still an excellent all-around wide receiver," Williamson said. "Also, that list isn’t solely on 2012 tape. Of course, his QB situation was awful last year, but his 2011 tape is far from worthy."