What I think the Colts are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon ...

This confidence is good and we’ve positioned this team to carry ourselves with some swagger. But as Bruce Arians reminded us, we can lose to anyone. It’s easy to look at the standings and the schedule and presume we’re in the postseason. It’s great that we’ve positioned ourselves where anyone -- in our building or outside it -- can think that way. But if we start thinking that way, it could backfire on us. We need to keep thinking of ourselves as under-appreciated underdogs who people don’t think much of. Certainly a game at New England is going to be tough, and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will have a solid plan for taking advantage of our defensive weaknesses. Hopefully we have the healthiest combo of Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney we’ve had all season and they can really make a difference.